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Project Co-creation and Co-prosperity Ecosystem

​​Create a shared project platform

Co-construction and sharing;
common mission;
Symbiosis mechanism of competition and cooperation;
Both scale and rapid response;

Ecosphere Unicorn Project Showcase

Create a win-win situation


 AI Robot Project

Leading the industry Create the future and open a new era of project management changes

The essence of AI is to learn and transcend the way humans perceive and respond to the world.
AI is fast becoming the cornerstone of innovation. AI can create even more value for you thanks to machine learning techniques that can identify patterns in data and then drive business predictions.
AI — the strategic imperative and competitive advantage of the future enterprise;
AI transformation is a general trend. To remain competitive, businesses will eventually embrace AI and build AI ecosystems.
AI practice - AI robot project; dance with high-tech companies and unicorn companies!
Committed to introducing artificial intelligence technology into the construction and property management industry, it has been recognized by the industry in just a few years. It will further expand the core technology to different fields, introduce the research results to all over the world, and bring a new wave of industry and management mode in the new era!


​​FinTech Project

Add wings to your business!

Traditional financial services include financial planning, asset management, family trusts, risk management, insurance services, private equity funds, etc.
Industrial chain financial services;
Fintech layout: artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), blockchain (Blockchain), cloud computing (Cloud Computing) and big data (Big Data) four categories;
innovative financial services;
IPG services include financial planning, asset management, family trusts, risk management, insurance services, private equity funds, etc.
Golden China Fund holds Type 4 and Type 9 licenses issued by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC).
Jinzhonghua provides professional asset management and financial planning advice to clients.

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New technology and new material project

​​Smart life, industrial innovation!

The material industry is the basic industry of the national economy, and new materials are the forerunner of the development of the material industry. Graphene, carbon nanotubes, amorphous alloys, metal foams, ionic liquids... 20 new materials bring infinite opportunities for the development of the materials industry.
The scientific and technological revolution is developing rapidly, new material products are changing with each passing day, and the pace of industrial upgrading and material replacement is accelerating.
The integration of new material technology with nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology, the integration of structure and function, and the intelligent trend of functional materials are obvious.


​New Media Cultural Industry

​​Lead the cultural trend and fill the world with love!

Network new media, mobile new media, digital new media

UBP生态圈部分项目展示 Project showcase

UBP生态圈部分项目展示 Project showcase

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