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UBP 首席执行官 荣获阿联酋的阿勒马克图姆私人办公室 荣誉奖
UBP CEO receives award from HH Sheikh AbdulHakim Al Maktoum

UBP 媒体部 UBP Media Department


Industrial chain guidance investment fund cooperation intention

UBP 首席执行官Joseph Gong先生,在阿联酋的阿勒马克图姆私人办公室荣获证书,表彰其在全球推广未来商业中心及经济特区方面所付出的有价值的努力,以及在不同国家引入投资博览群英荟萃,支持Aspire World投资可持续发展目标及推动具有组织规模化发展,为基建、工业、企业、商业、学术、能源、环境及中小企业行业发展提供大规模资本投资,所做出的杰出贡献!

Mr. Joseph Gong as CEO of UBP

in recognizing valuable efforts in promoting Future Business Hub & Special Economic Zones globally and bringing unique exposure of Investment Expos in different countries in support for the Aspire World Investments' sustainable development goals and promoting structured large scale

capital investments for the infrastructure, industrial, corporate,

commercial, academic, energy, environmental & MSME sector developments.

Office of His Highness

Shuith Atchihakit Aimaatsom Investments


The representatives of the two sides negotiated in a friendly manner and reached an agreement on the cooperation of the Industrial Chain Guidance Investment Fund!


AlMaktoum 家族在全球几乎不需要介绍。作为最著名、慷慨和充满活力的王室之一,它在世界上留下了自己的印记。

马克图姆家族自 1833 年以来一直是迪拜酋长国的 统治王室,并将迪拜及该地区转变为经商、工作和生活的绝佳场所。在阿勒马克图姆家族无限远见的领导下,它已经从一个沙质小镇发展成为一个充满活力的世界商业、知识和创新中心舞台。

该家族是巴尼亚斯氏族的一个分支。Bani Yas 氏族是 Al Maktoum 家族与阿布扎比的 Al Nahyan 王朝共有的血统,是一个部落联盟,是整个阿拉伯联合酋长国的主导力量。

HH Sheikh AbdulHakim Al Maktoum 是阿勒马克图姆家族的一员,在本地和国际的房地产、商业和慈善事业方面拥有深厚的背景。

The Al Maktoum Family in the Emirates

The AlMaktoum family needs little introduction Globally. As one of the most renowned, generous and dynamic Royal families, it has made its mark on the World.

The House of Maktoum is the current Ruling Royal family of the Emirate of Dubai since 1833 and has transformed Dubai and the region into outstanding place to do business, work and live. It has evolved from a sandy small town to a dynamic World centre-stage for commerce, knowledge and innovation through the limitless and Visionary leadership of the Al Maktoum Family.

The family is a branch of the Bani Yas clan. The Bani Yas clan is a lineage the Al Maktoum family shares with the Al Nahyan dynasty of Abu Dhabi and is a tribal federation that is the dominant power through the region forming the United Arab Emirates.

HH Sheikh AbdulHakim Al Maktoum is part of the Al Maktoum Family and has a strong background in real estate, commerce and philanthropy locally and internationally.

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