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The first [Global Digital Industry (Dubai) Investment Summit]

UBP 媒体部 UBP Media Department


UBP 作为全球数字产业(迪拜)投资峰会的协办方
UBP as co-organizer of Global Digital Industry (Dubai) Investment Summit



Held in Dubai on June 27, 2022, the summit is the world's largest digital industry investor event co-hosted by Dubai Silicon Valley Authority and China Investment Association; it is a "new window" for dialogue with the world in the field of digital economy; Fund + Investors + Wealth Family + Digital Industry Unicorn + China's Digital High-quality Solution Provider + Digital Industrial Park" is a large-scale summit of thousands of people.

The summit aims to comply with the development trend of strategic emerging industries, future industries, digital economy, and platform economy. It will invite relevant national digital industry administrations, digital industrial parks, fund investment banks, the world's top 500 unicorn companies, and various fields at home and abroad. Enterprise representatives and industry experts who have achieved fruitful results in the digital transformation build a bridge to empower the digital industry with capital and discuss the development of the international digital industry.

UBP联合商业平台 有幸做为承办方,在数字化论坛发表讲演,带来数字时代下的新观点、新思想,新火花,带各方打开新世界的大门!

UBP Joint Business Platform is honored to be the organizer, giving a speech in the digital forum, bringing new perspectives, new ideas, new sparks in the digital age, and opening the door to a new world with all parties!

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